Quick, easy & fun, Quesadillas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes.

Flour Tortillas 2
Chicken 1 boneless breast
Swiss, Cheddar or Jack Cheese  
Refried Beans or Black Bean Dip  
Spicy Salsa  
Sour Cream  
Cajun Spices  
Frank's RedHot  







  1. Chop chicken into small bite sized pieces
  2. Add chicken, Cajun spices, RedHot sauce & a little vegetable oil to frying pan
  3. Cook chicken until done, adding more Cajun spices to taste (I like loads)
  4. Spread one flour tortilla with bean dip
  5. Evenly place the cooked chicken onto tortilla
  6. Grate a good amount of cheese onto tortilla
  7. Place second tortilla on top of first
  8. Grill quesadilla in sandwich maker until cheese is melted & tortilla is crisp. Broiling in the oven works too
  9. Serve with fresh salsa, sour cream & a nice cold cervasa


Cooking - Chicken Quesadillas