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I was looking for a cool center channel design. Most were either small wimpy designs or huge unsightly clunkers. When I saw the Cynosure at Parts Express DIY showcase I was hooked.

by Darren Kuzma - Parts Express

The design of this speaker was geared towards producing a powerful yet low profile center channel speaker. Use of multiple drivers keeps the enclosure thin while still maintaining a large driver area. Spreading out the drivers also produces a nice wide sound field in the horizontal plane.

You can view more details about Darren's design here.

I wanted to build this speaker but being me, I also wanted to make it mine by changing it. Planning to mount this atop my HDTV, which is quite a bit wider than Darren's two foot wide design, I redesigned the enclosure's shape. Twice as wide but half as deep kept the internal volume the same as Darren's & worked with my four foot wide HDTV. This also allowed me to place the four bass ports on the front, rather than the sides. This was important as I would be mounting this speaker recessed in a wall.