Communicate: One of my strongest fields is illustration. Have a concept that would be better explained in a picture? Need a graphic for a website, article or newsletter? I can produce imagery in a variety of styles, from iconic to photo realistic.

  Corporate ID: Little in business is more important than the way you look. Your company logo is an important part of that. Have a tired old logo that could use an update? Starting a business & need something unique? Have an existing logo that's too small or fuzzy to use?

  Get noticed: From business cards to trade show banners, flyers to posters. Have an event or sale, office party or school reunion? I can generate print ready artwork for your printer.

  Present: Are people falling asleep during your presentations? Need to impress? Although I don't produce presentations directly, I can produce stunning PowerPoint templates. I'm not talking about cooky-cutter designs either. I'll work with your current corporate look & feel or produce something unique, designed specifically for your needs.

  Add some pep: I specialize in taking boring diagrams & charts & making them really pop. Make that pie chart look good enough to eat.