Lookin' good: Using pro grade Canon equipment I have a small photography studio that I can setup when needed at my home. Geared mainly towards product photography, I have enough room for portrait work also.

  No more ex-hubby: Have a really nice picture but there's someone in it you hate? No problem. Using advanced Photoshop techniques I can add or remove objects from just about any photo. And yes it is magic.

  Back from the grave: Have a photo that's too dark, damaged or faded from age? Photo restoration is another of my skill sets. Although some bad photos will always be bad, you'd be amazed at what can be done to help.

  Point n shoot this is not: Tired of the usual staged snap-shots taken at your party?.. "Everyone say cheese!" Using pro-grade optics, shot from afar without a flash, your guests will appear natural & relaxed because they don't have a camera shoved in their face. Using the same equipment I also specialize in outdoor & nature photography.

  Fast-forward: Building something? Having a party? Working on a project? Timelapse photography is a fun way to compress an entire event into just a few minutes. Positioned unobtrusively in a corner, my timelaspe camera will record images for hours all on its own. The resulting video is always fascinating.