Movie time: Have home movies that are rather long & boring? Want to entertain the relatives rather than put them to sleep? Have footage that needs to be editing down or reorganized? Want to add a soundtrack to your video? I operate a fully capable video editing sweet. I can produce video at any size from thumbnail to high-definition & in just about any format.

  Popcorn time: Need that video on a DVD? No problem.

  Cartoon time: Although I don't work with Flash directly, I have a couple of colleagues that do. I generally produce the artwork, they then do the Flash programming. I also do GIF animation suitable for web banner adds.

  Toy Story time: This is a field where I really shine. Using 3D Studio MAX I can produce jaw dropping, full on CG rendered animation. Anything from a simple logo build to fluid motion character animation. Prototype demonstration, medical illustration, architectural visualization, accident scene recreation or just plain cool looking stuff. If you can dream it, I can model & animate it.