Chris EvansI've been interested in photography all my life. I majored in this art form during college but became distracted with other pursuits. Recently my interest in this media has reawakened. Here you can find examples of my work.

Canon XTi

During school I used a 35mm film SLR. Then came the dawn of the digital age & I was introduced to the horrors of point n shoot. From there the standard of my work dropped significantly. Recently I invested in another SLR, this time digital & things are looking up. Here's a list of my current tools:

Body: Canon EOS XTi
Glass: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
Body: Canon G5
Glass: Built in
Digital Concepts 0.5x wide angle
Body: Canon A85
Glass: Meade 4.5" Refractor Telescope

I'm a member of the following organizations:

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Recent Photo Sessions

March 2012

Civil War Reenactment
Guys dressed in blue with really long guns.

August 2010

Oregon Zoo
Various animals from Oregon's only zoo.

June 2009

Oregon Waterfalls
A collection of waterfalls along the Columbia River.

May 2008

Ornithology (birds) Mallard Ducks
A pair of Ducks visit my back yard pond.

November 2007

Fall Foliage Finally!
The leaves finally turn.

October 2007

The Green Fall Foliage Workshop
A workshop hosted by Jeff Thompson of Milford Photo.

September 2007

Fun with a Gorillapod Tripod
How I got in this close to a squirrel & lived to tell the tail.

New pictures last added September 25, 2007

Assorted Photographs
A random assortment of photographs.

Summer 2007

Ornithology (birds)
Various bird shots.

February / March 2007

Meade 4.5" Refractor

Canon A85 & a Meade 4.5 Telescope

February 2007

Blue Sand
South Benson Marina

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

February 2007

Orange Ice
Ice Storm Shot Under Street Light

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA