Old News - 2001
In an attempt to keep the size of my initial page small I've moved some of the older news to this page...

Tuesday, November 13th 2001
Uploaded the famous lost "3 amigos photo". Check the pictures section.

Saturday, September 15th 2001
Added a bunch of new photos to my pictures section.

Tuesday, September 13th 2001
Changed some of the graphics on this page.

Wednesday, September 5th 2001
I've been meaning to get rid of that ugly old nav-bar for some time now... finally got around to it.

I also added some new photos to my Pictures section... namely Disney World & some old camping shots.

Monday, June 18th 2001
Added photographs of a fishing trip I took with my friend Bill. Check out 'Boating with Bill'.

Tuesday, April 17th 2001
Added a lot of content to the 'Work' area of my site. If you're interested in what I do to pay the bills, check it out.

Friday, March 9th 2001
Added a bunch of stuff to my cooking section including an experimental recipe for Duck a la Banana this is a must try. Check it out!

Thursday, March 8th 2001
Added a couple of recipes & reorganized the existing ones.

Saturday, February 11th 2001
Added another recipe & also a link to a friend's chef service site.

Sunday, February 4th 2001
Added some new photos to the Pictures section.

Monday, January 29th 2001
Added content to my Humor section & also another recipe to the cooking section.

Sunday, January 28th 2001
Added a really nasty recipe to my Cooking section.

Saturday, January 20th 2001
Added a second recipe to my Cooking section.

Monday, January 15th 2001
Finally started adding content to my Cooking section. Yum

Sunday, January 14th 2001
After completing a custom race track for an off-road racing sim I'm involved with, I added a few pages to the games section.

Friday, January 12th 2001
I added a new pictures section to the site where you can see stuff I've been doing recently. I also updated the graphics for the site's navigation bar. It should be a little more user friendly now.