Old News - 2002
In an attempt to keep the size of my initial page small I've moved some of the older news to this page...

Thursday, December 5th 2002
Today I updated my pond's news section & finally got around to adding my 'famous fajitas' recipe to the cooking section. Based on a TV show I recently watched & my experience using a cast iron pan, I also added a recipe for pan seared steak. For your cooking convenience there is also now a listing of recommended temperatures for most meats. Enjoy...

Saturday, November 23rd 2002
I removed both the 'Games' & 'Humor' sections from this site as they were quite out of date & just gathering dust. The 'Pond' section on the other hand has been updated quite a lot recently.

Wednesday, August 15th 2002
OK so this site has been gathering dust for almost a year now. Not to worry... today I added a new section detailing my adventures building a backyard pond. Enjoy.