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Please feel free to email us at the following address but save your self some time & please follow the rules listed below:

Email Rules

No Attachments
This email box is setup to automatically delete any mail that has an attachment. If you must send a file, please email me first with a description of what you're planning to send & why. If I decide to accept the file I'll contact you & tell you how to send it.

No Unsolicited Email
Any Junk, SPAM or other unsolicited emails sent to this address will not be read. Instead they will be immediately deleted & the offending sender reported to their respective ISP.

No Chain Letters
I have zero interest in participating in any chain letter style emails. Not forwarding such emails will neither bring be bad luck nor make someone 'sad'. These types of emails are in my opinion a waist of bandwidth & usually only serve to spread viruses & help SPAM list collectors gather email addresses.