Parts List

Below is a list of items we purchased to create our pond. Note I'm not keeping track of the plants as I'm not dealing with that aspect personally.


The Pond's Hardware


20' x 15' Pond Liner
The main pond's rubber liner.



10' x 8' Pond Liner
The upper pond's liner



Pond Liner Underlayment - 4 Rolls
This stuff was used to line the pond before the rubber liner was laid down. Helps protect the liner from shape objects in the ground.



Pond Pump - Cal CPW2000 Submersible
The main water pump for the pond. This model is submersible & operates on the pond's bottom pumping approximately 2000gph.



Rigid Body Biological & Mechanical Filter Model 750
This is basically a plastic bucket with some filters. The submersible pump is installed inside this.



Savio Springflo Bio-Filter Media
This special ribbon is used to create a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow on inside the pond's secondary biological filter.



30" x 20" Ditty Bag
This mesh bag holds the bio-filter media in place inside the secondary biological filter.



24" Square Plastic Flower Pot
Used as the container for our secondary biological filter.



15' of 1 1/2" Black Flexible PVC Pipe
Used for the primary plumbing.



1 1/2" Bulkhead Fitting
Used to connect the pipe to the secondary biological filter (flower pot).



1 1/2" One Way Check Valve
Used to ensure the upper pond doesn't syphon its self into the lower pond in the event the water pump loses power.



PVC/ABS Cement
Pipe glue. Used to attach the check valve to the pipe.



Can of Black Expandable Foam
Used to seat rocks in place & to help divert water flow over the waterfall, not under it.



3 ton of Desert Creak Stone
The Pond's rock.



Half Inch Deer Netting
Used to keep the leaves out of the pond in the Fall.



PVC Piping
Used to create a support for the Deer Netting



OASE Pond-Vent Ice Reducer 900
Keeps a portion of the pond ice free during the Winter & acts as a small fountain during warmer months.





Dechlorinator - Dry
Used to remove harmful chlorine from the water.



Biological Clarifier
This stuff helps control Algae & also seeds the pond's biological filters.



2lbs Bag of Comet's to Koi's Fish Food
Described as premium food for all pond fish... complete diet with color enhancers.




6 Medium Goldfish
These are between 3-4 inches long & cost $2 each.

2 Large Goldfish
These bigger Goldfish sell for $6 each & are almost 5 inches in length.



Pond Total Cost