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As I've only been a pond owner for a short period this site shouldn't be viewed as a source of expert "how to" information on ponds. That's not to say there isn't good information here though. This site merely details my experience designing, building & maintaining a pond, including any mistakes I make along the way.

Now that the pond is complete this site will act as a journal with information & pictures about the pond as it evolves over time. Enjoy,


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The Evans Pond News

April 3, 2005
Spring is Sprung
After a long Winter, Spring is finally hear. Woohoo! The snow is gone as is the ice on the pond. We started up the pump & began filtration again. The sound of running water once again graces our garden.

The fish survived the Winter no problem & look as healthy as ever. The water temperature is above 50 now so we've begun feeding them with low protein food. As the temperature climbs we'll start with the normal food again. They are active & amazingly knew to come to their feeding spot in the shallow end even after not being fed all Winter. Who said gold fish have a three second memory. Not true.

March 10, 2005
Spring is only a few days away now but it sure doesn't look like it...

Here you can see the pond is still in a deep freeze with much of its surface covered with snow & ice. If it wasn't for our trusty deicing pump she'd be 100% iced over.

You can see we added a few more support PVC pipes this year to help keep the netting suspended above the water. They're not very pretty but they do the trick.

Our fish seem to be fairing OK despite the frigid temperatures. I'm sure they're looking forward to Spring just as much as we are though.

They have been somewhat active this Winter, cruising around lethargically on warmer days & visiting the surface during mid day. On colder days like this they huddle together at the pond's bottom.

We shall begin feeding them once the water's temperature stabilizes above 50 degrees. Right now its hovering just above the freezing point though. It still amazes me that the fish can tolerate that but come Spring they usually look healthy, if not a little thinner.

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