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September 2002
Check here for news & information generated during the pond's second & final month of construction.

September 4, 2002
Fishing Trip Plants
I spent the holiday weekend camping/fishing at Lake Waramaug. We caught lots of fish but it also gave me the opportunity to collect a few aquatic plants for the pond. Although not all of the plants I collected are doing well some look like they may survive. The water & mud that I collected while harvesting the plants contained all sorts of little water critters including tiny worms, bugs & snails. Its possible that some may turn out to be harmful to the pond but I like the idea of introducing some 'biological soup' to the mix. Snails I know can help control Algae but at the same time they also devour plants. I'm hoping the fish & other predators will keep these new critters in check & establish a nice self contained eco system.

Click here for pictures of the lake plants.

September 9, 2002
Fish Diving
Our original three Goldfish seemed to be doing well so we decided to get them some new friends. We picked another three medium sized Goldfish & two large. The two large ones we placed in the lower pond along with one medium. The remaining two we placed in the upper pond. So we had six fish in the lower pond & two up top. Interestingly though the two in the upper pond must have felt lonely as they apparently dove over the water fall & joined the others in the lower pond. So it looks like we won't be having any fish in the upper pond unless we can figure out a way to keep them from leaping over the falls.

Click here for pictures of the new fish.

September 13, 2002
We have a Leak!
Over the last week or two we've noticed the pond's level dropping about an inch a day which is a fairly substantial water loss. The addition of rocks to the pond's edge & recent heavy rains seem to have caused the pond's edge to settle some. In places we had water spilling over the liner under the rock.

The solution was simple but time consuming. We had to remove much of the ponds rock, raise the height of the liner in the low spots & then put the rock back. Hopefully doing so should have stopped the leaks. If the water level continues to drop then we might have to consider the unpleasant possibility that we have a hole somewhere. We'll have to see.

September 21, 2002
The Pond is Officially Complete!
This week we finished up the remaining pond's landscaping. We decided to scrap the wooden deck concept & go with a much more sturdy stone design. We added flower beds around the pond & relocated our bird bath. With that done the pond could be considered finished. Woohoo!

Water Lilies!
Coinciding with the completion of the pond's construction one of our Water Lilies decided to finally bloom. A nice touch.

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