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Spring 2004
More fish breading going on.

April 23, 2004
Breading Madness
Our fish have been multiplying like crazy since we discovered tiny fish fry in the pond. At first we were afraid that the adult fish would eat the babies so we set up a nursery tank & set about 'rescuing' as many as we could catch.

It soon became clear that this was unnecessary as the baby fish in the pond not only survived but also grew about three times as fast as those in the fish tank. Nevertheless we decided to keep a few in the tank as house pets. Unfortunately maintaining the water quality in such a small tank proved to be too much of a challenge & we lost a few due to wild swings in pH levels.

Those that we released back into the pond faired better. One of these three fish grew to an amazing 3 or 4 inches in just a few months after being dropped into our upper pond. What was even more surprising was this fish did that without being fed.

We didn't realize there was a fish in the upper pond for quite some time, assuming they'd all jumped over the water fall long ago, so we only fed the bottom pond fish. Apparently this fish had survived by eating algae, bugs, whatever it could find. It makes us wonder why we even bother buying food, as this one fish on its own had out grown its pellet fed siblings bigtime.

As you can see, we now have a large stock of healthy, happy looking fish & we fully expect them to continue to multiply in the future. Last count was approximately 30 or so fish.

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