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October 2002
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October 3, 2002
More Flowers!
The last couple of weeks has seen a few unexpected blooms. Check the plant section for the latest photos.

Old News
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October 23, 2002
Disappearing Fish
We knew that once the weather turned cold & the pond's water temperature approached 50 degrees that the fish would stop eating & enter a dormant state. What we didn't expect was that they would do this overnight.

About a week or so ago we were feeding the fish daily. They would come to the surface when we approached the pond & more or less begged to be fed. Then all of a sudden all eight were nowhere to be found, having completely vanished.

The ponds water is now almost crystal clear yet the fish are no where to be seen. Assuming the worst we concluded that some predator has taken the fish. However the chances of a raccoon or cat or whatever catching all eight fish in one night was pretty remote. If there were just a few fish missing that would be one thing but all of them at once? There had to be another explanation.

After some careful poking around with a stick we discovered that they had taken up residence under a large piece of extra pond liner we'd placed under the falls to protect the main liner from the rocks. Like a cartoon mouse under a rug, there is just enough space for them to squeeze under a portion of it.


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